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Hot Shots Tennis for Kids

The ANZ Hot Shots tennis program has been designed especially for kids of all ages: Toddlers to teens! The program is made up of 4 development stages – Blue, Red, Orange and Green – each tailored to suit the skills and aptitudes of the players.

Red, Orange and Green stages are made up of 3 levels – Foundation, Intermediate and Matchplay. As your child’s tennis techniques and abilities improve, they’ll progress through each level and eventually progress to the next colour stage.

The final stage of the Hot Shots tennis program (Yellow) gives kids the opportunity to further develop their technique and learn the finer points of match play.

Please note we do not offer Free 'Come and Try' for school term programs and Holiday Camps

What to Expect

  • 30, 45 and 60 minute lesson duration
  • Learn from a qualified coach
  • Progress at own pace, moving to next stage when ready
  • Modified equipment to assist learning
  • Learn the technical and tactical fundamentals of tennis
  • Improve agility, flexibility, balance and speed
  • Cooperative partner activities and challenges

For more information about the ANZ Hot Shots Tennis program, please contact the team at CCT.

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Coaching Stages


Blue Stage Launchpad | Ages 3-4 yrs
At Blue Ball children begin by exploring fundamental and perceptual motor skills and tennis basics.


Red Stage (25% compression ball) | Ages 5-7 yrs
Children are in the early stages of tennis skills development and primarily learning fundamental tennis co-ordination exercises. Rallying with movement and control is not yet achieved.


Orange Stage (50% compression ball) | Ages 8-9 yrs
Children start to rally with movement and control to some degree. Competitive play (serve, return and rally) is introduced. Strokes can be completed with some success. Player can also judge where the ball is going and can sustain a short rally of slow pace.


Green Stage (75% compression ball) | Ages 10-11 yrs
Fairly consistent when hitting medium paced shots, not yet comfortable with all strokes. Improved control over depth, direction and power.


Yellow Stage (100% compression ball) | Ages 12+ yrs
Technique has developed for improved shot control. Can rally with consistency with more power. improved court coverage, net play and doubles team work.


Squad (invitational) | All ages
Player is competing with the aim of gaining a (Universal Tennis Rating) UTR . Can use power and spin and has begun to handle pace. Has sound footwork, can control depth of shots, and can vary game plan according to opponents. Can hit first serves with power and can impart spin on second serves.