Making a booking

The City Community Tennis online booking system

The City Community Tennis online booking system allows you to book a court, register for an event (a squad, course, camp, social or competition) and make a payment to City Community Tennis via the web site at any time.

Your City Community Tennis Profile

We keep a profile for everyone who uses our online booking system. Nothing too personal... just your name, email, phone number and postcode. Please check our Security and Privacy Statement for more information on how we protect your information. Anyone can create a profile - you do not need to be a City Community Tennis member.

Updating your profile

  • You can update your email address, phone number from the Update Profile page


  • You can purchase a City Community Tennis membership online. For more information about the benefits of becoming a member and the costs, have a look at the Membership page

Create a Player Profile

When you try to make a booking and you don't have a player profile with City Community Tennis select > I am a new customer and wish to create a profile  or you can simply click sign up in the footer of the web page.

Tips for creating a player profile:

  • You may receive an error message when creating a profile. This is because there is another player with the same name such as Bill Smith. To get around this do the following for the first name:
    use your first name initial B; or First name with middle name initial Bill W; or first and middle names Bill William.
  • Use your full surname even if you have a double barrelled surname such as Taylor-Smith
  • Use your personal email address, this is where we send your receipts and send updates if you become a member. Avoid using work email or email addresses you never use
  • Use your mobile number. We send updates using sms for: court playability, your personal access code etc

Booking a Court

There are five locations to chose from Alexandria, Beaconsfield, Glebe, Rosebery and Surry Hills where our office and pro shop is located.

The Court Bookings page shows all current bookings and allows you to make a new booking at any time. To book a court, follow these steps:

  1. select the day for which you wish to book a court from the calendar on the right of the Booking page
  2. click on an available time slot when you'd like to start playing (available slots are white).... and the Reserve a Court page will pop-up
  3. select the time you want to finish your booking from the list and click the Book button - the reservation will be listed on the Booking page as pending and the Checkout page will be displayed
  4. process your credit card payment and your booking will be completed. A Tax Invoice will be displayed

Special booking features

There are special features on the court booking pages in the right hand menu which are self explanatory:

  • View my current bookings: This page lists all your current bookings and event registrations. You can also cancel your court bookings, provided it is prior to the notice period.
  • Cancel a booking: You have up to six hours before a booking commences to cancel. The system will create a credit for you under your player profile. Credits expire after six months, they are non refundable.
  • View my account / checkout: this will take you to the checkout page to pay for items in your account
  • Notify me of a court cancellation: use this feature if you are looking for specific time(s)/day(s) to play. The system is automated and will send an email notification to all players on the wait list which matches their court cancellation request with the time of cancellation . The office will also send an SMS.
  • Update my profile: be sure to update your email address or mobile number so we can always contact you
  • Create a new profile: for new customers
  • Terms and conditions: please check our terms of service before you play at our facilities to ensure you know what is allowed on court. If you are a tennis coach you will need special permission to book a court at City Community Tennis, please email the office for more information
  • Log me out: will log you out of the booking system. You will need to Log In again to make another booking

A few things to note about bookings

  • during peak times, you may only be able to start and finish your bookings on the hour
  • you may make bookings for the current month. In the last 7 days of each month, you may make a booking for the following month

Accessing the courts
The courts at City Community Tennis are secured by locks that are activated by PIN-pad. You can access the court by entering your member number (provided on your receipt when you book) in the PIN-pad, then press the # key. This will provide access only to your court at the time of your booking.

Events: Adult Classes, Match Play, Doubles Play, Competitions

Information about all upcoming events is displayed on the Event Registration page such as:

To make your registration:

  1. select an event
  2. click the > Register for this event link
  3. confirm the registration
  4. proceed to the Checkout page, and
  5. make your payment.

Special note

  • Some events, such as competitions, require correct numbers and grading. Your registration may not be accepted straight away for these events - when your registration is confirmed by the Centre you will receive an email with instructions on how to pay via the web site

Accessing the courts

  • The courts at City Community Tennis are secured by locks that are activated by PIN-pad. You can access the court by entering your member number (provided on your receipt when you book) in the PIN-pad, then press the # key. This will provide access only to your court at the time of your booking


The Checkout page displays a list of all items you have selected that require payment. The system will calculate and display prices of these items, adjusted for the times of the bookings and membership discounts. You can remove items from this list or return to the web site to make more reservations.

Adding an item from the Pro Shop

  • You may add items such as drinks, new balls and racquet hire to any booking or club event registration. You can pay for these items in advance and leave your silver at home!

Removing an item

  • You can click this link to remove any item from your basket

Making a credit card payment

  • Enter your credit card details and press the Pay button. If your credit card details are valid, a pop-up window will ask you to confirm the details and commit the payment

Processing payments

  • When you submit your credit card details they are encrypted and sent directly through our secure payment gateway to the bank for processing. We do not store your credit card details. For more information, please refer to our Security and Privacy Statement


  • After your payment has been processed, you'll be issued a receipt number and Tax Invoice to make it all official. Your bookings and registrations will now appear on the Booking page and the Show all my Bookings page

Terms and Conditions

Security and Privacy Statement

Information collected

  • Information collected by City Community Tennis is personal information, as defined by the Privacy Act 1998. This data includes your first name, last name, email address, telephone number and postal address

How the information is used

  • City Community Tennis uses your personal information so you can identify yourself when making an online booking or registration, to contact you about a specific booking or registration, and to keep you informed (if you request it) of events that may be of interest to you. Your personal information is not used for commercial purposes and is not distributed to any other organisation for any purpose

Accessing your information

  • To access stored information that relates to you, go to the Update Details page after providing your log in details. This page allows you to change your information


  • The City Community Tennis site is protected by SSL security. This is indicated by the padlock symbol on your browser and means that all data sent between your browser and the server is encrypted, including your log in, profile and credit card details. Credit card transactions are processed immediately using a secure payment gateway to the banking system, so we do not store your credit card details and provide you with instant feedback on the status of a transaction