Social Tennis Sydney

Social tennis is a great way to play against others of a similar standard, improve your game and meet new friends. Come and enjoy organised doubles play on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at Glebe or Surry Hills tennis courts.


Per Session

Standard rate: $25

Advantage members: $21

UTS Tennis: $19

Thursday Evenings

St James Park, Glebe
Thursday: 8 - 10pm

Can't get enough tennis? Then come and join us on a Monday or Thursday evenings.

Thursday evening social is suitable for Intermediate to High Intermediate players (NRN 7 to NRN 5).

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Friday Evening

Prince Alfred Park, Surry Hills
6 - 9pm

Enjoy Friday evening with three hours of organised doubles run by Vitaly! This social is suitable for Low Intermediate players and above (NRN 8 to NRN 5).

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Saturday & Sunday

Prince Alfred Park, Surry Hills
Saturday: 2 - 5pm & 6 - 9pm
Sunday: 3 - 6pm

What better way to unwind on a Saturday afternoon and evening than with three hours of organised doubles. Saturday afternoon for Intermediate and above players (NRN 7 to NRN 4), evening for High Intermediate and above players (NRN 6 to NRN 4). Sunday Social is for Low Intermediate and
Intermediate players (NRN 8 to NRN 7).

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