Social Tennis Sydney

Social tennis is a great way to play against others of a similar standard, improve your game and meet new friends. Come and enjoy organised doubles play on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at Glebe or Surry Hills tennis courts.


Standard Fee: $25

Advantage Member: $21

UTS Tennis: $19

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Thursday Evenings

St James Park, Glebe
Thursday: 8 - 10pm

For Intermediate to High Intermediate players (NRN 7 to NRN 5).

Prince Alfred Park, Surry Hills
Thursday: 8pm start

For Advanced to High Advanced players (NRN 4 to NRN 3).

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Monday & Friday Evenings

Prince Alfred Park, Surry Hills
Monday: 8 - 10pm
Friday: 6 - 8pm

Monday evening Two or three hours of organised doubles for Intermediate players and above (NRN 7 to  NRN 4).

Enjoy Friday evening with two hours of organised doubles run by Sean! This social is suitable for Low Intermediate players and above (NRN 8 to NRN 5).

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Saturday & Sunday

Prince Alfred Park, Surry Hills
Saturday: 2 - 5pm
Saturday: 6 - 8pm
Sunday: 3 - 5pm

What better way to unwind on a Saturday afternoon than with three hours of organised doubles. Saturday afternoon for Intermediate and above players (NRN 7 to NRN 4), Sunday Social is for Low Intermediate and
Intermediate players (NRN 8 to NRN 7).

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