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Universal Tennis Rating (UTR)

Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) is an international tennis rating system that connects millions of tennis players around the world to help them find better matches locally. UTR reflects a player’s current skill level based on head-to-head match scores, and rates all players across age, gender and nationality on the same 16-point scale.

Every player can have a UTR – from the pros to juniors to social tennis players. If you’ve played in any Tennis Australia competitions, you already have a rating. You can find and join our UTR profile by simply searching for City Community Tennis.

Note: We haven't added all corresponding UTR levels to the player descriptions below just yet as UTR is relatively new to Australia. However if you have a verified UTR please let us know and we can give you a City Community Tennis player rating straight away to start you playing in events.

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International Players

For international players who have a rating from their home country, please use our International Conversion Chart.

At City Community Tennis classes, competitions and social tennis are categorised in the following way.

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Player is in the early stages of tennis skills development and is primarily learning simple tennis co-ordination tasks/exercises. Rallying with movement and control is not yet achieved.


Low Intermediate
Player can rally with movement and control to some degree and is now starting to play competitively (serve, return and rally) on a full court. Strokes can be completed with some success. Player can also judge where the ball is going and can sustain a short rally of slow pace.


Player is fairly consistent when hitting medium paced shots, but is not yet comfortable with all strokes. Lacks control over depth, direction and power.


High Intermediate
Player exhibits more aggressive net play, improved court coverage and developing strategy for competitive play.


Advanced 1
Stepping stone from High Intermediate. Strokes developing, good shape, maintains good pace of shot but lack the consistency of 4+ ball rallies. Limited strategic play still learning how to put it all together.


Advanced 2
Good technique and control, power and intensity of shot, consist 4+ ball rallies during match with strategic play.


Advanced 3
Player has great footwork, powerful consistent ground strokes and serve with topspin, slice and touch including strong net play and return game. Can adapt game during competitive play to suit opponent.

Professional Pathway


WTA and ATP Australian Money Tournament Level | 9
Player has good shot anticipation and frequently has an outstanding shot or attribute around which a game may be structured. Can regularly hit winners and force errors of short balls. Can put away volleys and smashes and has a variety of serves to rely on.


Challenger Level | UTR 10 to 12
Plays or has played international ITF tournaments or Futures. This player has power and consistency as a major weapon. Can vary strategies and styles of play in a competitive situation.


Touring Professional | UTR 13 and above
Holds or is capable of holding an ATP/WTA ranking and major source of income is through tournament prize money.