City Community Tennis
Alfred Coolwell

Teaches adult group classes and private tuition

Andy Christie

Hot Shots classes, Cardio Tennis and private lessons at St James Park, Glebe

Office Manager
Benja William

I like cricket. Especially when NZ beat Australia.

Coach & Junior Competitions
Daniel Jones

I like deep house music. I play to the rhythm. Tennis It's all about timing!

Haruka Katsuda

Coach & Competitions
Hiroko Shiraogawa

I have an amazing personality. I speak 25 languages.

Coach & Wheelchair Tennis
Jerry Markoja

Design & Coach
Jom Kasisil

I'm a designer who likes tennis. I get inspiration from playing tennis. I'm inspired a lot.

Yoga & Meditation Instructor
Louise Eddie

Meditation is good for the soul.

Coach Wheelchair Tennis
Mick Connell

Chairs are not just for sitting. I use a chair to play great tennis. I can teach you how to roll : )

Milan Rokaya

Nanako Ogasawara

I am a school teacher who coaches tennis. Let me inspire your kids how to play! I ride a bicycle :)

Coach Extraordinaire
Nicolas Philbert

Being French style and flair come naturally. Let me bring a little "je ne sais quoi", to your game!

Program Coordinator
Noah Armesto

Pat Jensen

Magic happens!

Tennis Coach
Pedro Dalfre

Coach & Racquet Technician
Raito Hino

I like to create. My tennis has creativity. Let me teach you how to play creatively.

Coach & Racquet Technician
Sean Tsai

I mend what you break. I teach your children and maintain your racquets at optimum performance.

Community Engagement
Sylvia DeAngelis

I like to dance. That's how I engage you all ;) Tennis is like dancing, it's all about the footwork!

Yukina Shirai