City Community Tennis
Coaching Team & Inclusion
Alfred Coolwell

Teaches adult group classes and private tuition

Coaching Team
Andy Christie

Hot Shots classes, Cardio Tennis and private lessons at St James Park, Glebe

Doubles Play & Administration
Benja William

I like cricket. Especially when NZ beat Australia.

Hiroko Shiraogawa

I have an amazing personality. I speak 25 languages.

Head Coach
Jess Engels

I know how to play tennis. I have an amazing backhand. Let me show you how :)

Coaching & Racquet Technician
Jom Kasisil

I'm a designer who likes tennis. I get inspiration from playing tennis. I'm inspired a lot.

Inclusion & Senior Admin
Marita Morgan

Coaching Team
Marvin Yudo

Coaching Team
Milan Rokaya

Coaching Team
Nanako Ogasawara

I am a school teacher who coaches tennis. Let me inspire your kids how to play! I ride a bicycle :)

Coaching Team & Coach Dev
Nicolas Philbert

Being French style and flair come naturally. Let me bring a little "je ne sais quoi", to your game!

Pat Jensen

Magic happens!

Coaching Team & Inclusion
Sean Tsai

I mend what you break. I teach your children and maintain your racquets at optimum performance.

Coaching Team & UTS Tennis
Sonja balic

Sylvia DeAngelis

I like to dance. That's how I engage you all ;) Tennis is like dancing, it's all about the footwork!

Tennis Coach
Vitaly Faynerman

Heavy is the crown. I speak Russian. I like tea. I run the place.

Coaching Team
Yukina Shirai