Get graded


We hold grading sessions each month for those new to City Community Tennis (CCT) and those who wish to have their playing level reassessed.

What's my player Level?

If you don't have a verified Universal Player Rating (UTR) or have never played graded competition or other graded tennis events please have a look at our Player Level guide this will assist you to get a general idea of player levels.

If you have a verified UTR or play graded competition please call the office and a staff member will assist you with setting up an initial player level

Why is a player grading important?

At CCT all our programs are designed to meet the needs of players from Beginner through to Advanced to ensure the integrity of the program on offer. For instance an intermediate player would not be able to attend an advanced class.

How do I get Graded?

Simply book one of the following and a coach will assist you with obtaining a player level at CCT: