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CCT Tennis Ladder – Men’s, Women’s and Mixed Singles

Singles tennis is a great way to meet other players of similar standard, or challenge yourself against better players to work your way up the rankings. The City Community Tennis Singles Ladder is open to all Advantage Members – and with more than 100 players on the ladder, it’s easy to find another player ready to play.

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How it works

Once a player has been given a ‘player level’ they are added to one of our 5 divisions: Intermediate, High Intermediate, Advanced, High Advanced and Elite. Simply log in to the Club Ladder below to see player details and availability, then invite them for a game.

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if you don't already have a player rating at City Community Tennis you will need to be graded by one of our experienced staff before you can compete in any of our Competitions. Please note grading sessions are not suitable for beginners.

There are several ways to be graded: