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Group Tennis Classes

Group classes commence July 6th - consider a shared (starting July 1st) or individual Private Lesson as an addition or alternative to a group class.

You don’t have to be in a wheelchair to play wheelchair tennis.

These sessions are a great way for you to develop wheelchair tennis skills playing against family, friends and peers. Help us to grow the Tennis Australia 'Wheels Connect' vision and join our accessible and inclusive Wheelchair Tennis Development Hub. We look forward to connecting you to a range of opportunities along the wheelchair tennis pathway from novice to elite.

Better tennis skills ... advantage: you!

No matter what standard you play at, there’s always room to improve your technique, fitness and understanding of the game. Our group tennis classes are a fun way to learn from qualified tennis coaches and test your new skills against a diverse mix of fellow tennis enthusiasts in CCT competitions, social tennis or recreational play with friends.

Flexible Options to Suit Your Lifestyle

We know life gets busy, so we don’t tie you into expensive programs with a fixed number of classes on a strict schedule. Our flexible class structure means you only pay for the classes you choose, on the days that work best for you.

Classes cater for each level, from beginner to advanced. Simply choose the one that best fits with your skill level and lifestyle and book to play.

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Pricing per class

60 minute class with 4 students

  • Standard (non-member) group class

  • Advantage Member group class

  • Advantage UTS Tennis group class

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