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Private Tennis Lessons for Adults

COVID-19 Message April 31st
In response to NSW Government Gazette to City of Sydney we have been directed to cease all tennis operations immediately!

Serious about your tennis? Learn the very latest techniques and methods in one-on-one lessons with a professional tennis coach.

Our coaches are qualified through accredited industry leaders, Tennis Australia and the Australian Tennis Professional Coaches Association, and participate in extensive, ongoing training. This ensures you always benefit from the most up-to-date tennis practices available to match your skill level.

Private tennis lessons for adults are available at each of our 5 locations and can be arranged one-on-one or with a friend.

Call 9698 9451 to book a private lesson and improve your tennis game today.

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One-On-One Lessons

30 or 60 minute private session with a coach.

  • Standard 
    $94 (60 minutes)
    $52 (30 minutes)

  • Advantage Member
    $85 (60 minutes)
    $47 (30 minutes)

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