Tennis Court Hire Rates

Tennis Court Access and Facilities

Accessing our Tennis Courts

For your security (and ours) you’ll be provided with a unique Personal Identification Number (PIN) to access our tennis courts. You’ll receive your PIN via SMS and email when you make your initial booking, which can then be used any time you want to book one of our tennis courts.

Once you arrive, simply enter your PIN into the keypad located at the gate. You’ll be admitted access to the tennis courts 10 minutes before, and 15 minutes after, your scheduled booking. (Note: Access for Beaconsfield and Glebe tennis courts is from 7am only.) Once you’ve enjoyed your tennis session, press the EXIT button to leave.

Evening bookings and light activation

To ensure the lights stay on for the duration of your booking, be sure to enter your PIN correctly up to 10 minutes before you enter the court.

If the lights are already ON and you don't enter your PIN the lights will switch OFF. You will need to enter your PIN and wait around fifteen minutes before the lights come ON again.

The lights will switch off 15 minutes after your booking ends. This is an energy saving feature.  

Accessing Court Ammenities