Free Meditation

“Learn to be still in the midst of activity and to be vibrantly alive in repose.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Feeling overwhelmed by life, or simply want to discover a better way to manage day-to-day worries and stress? Join us for a free meditation class each Tuesday and Thursday (That’s right – free. There’s one less thing to worry about already!) Meditation is not only a great way to decompress and unwind, it may also reduce the negative effects of anxiety and depression, worry and fear, addictions and high blood pressure.

Our meditation instructor will teach you a variety of techniques in a calm, relaxed environment, to help you reduce tension and clear your mind of chatter and negative thoughts. You’ll learn how to focus on your breathing with pranayama (ancient yogic breathing practices) and other methods that will improve mindfulness.

Join our meditation class and discover a more tranquil approach to life.

If you’d like to arrange a private, shared or corporate Meditation class, please get in touch.

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