Junior Comps

Junior Tennis Competitions

City Community Tennis run an extensive range of junior tennis competitions starting with our in-house ladder, right through to state tournaments.

Annual Junior Club Championship

The Junior Club Championships are held each May and run parallel with the senior events but are held over a Saturday afternoon. The Championship is an event that children participating in term tennis programs can work towards each year as they progress through the development stages. It's a fun afternoon for children to practise, socialise and build on the skills they are learning each term to improve their match play.

Junior Challenge Rounds

Towards the end of each school term we hold a Junior Challenge round for Red, Orange and Green Stage students. Competition is held at Beaconsfield on a Sunday from 8am to 3pm and 1-3pm at Rosebery for Red stage students.

City vs Country Tournament

The City vs Country is an annual tournament that pits the top 12 junior students from City Community Tennis against various clubs from around New South Wales. Held at the Kiama Tennis Club, this event attracts upwards of 50 top junior tennis players to compete for the City vs Country Cup.

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