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COVID-19 Updates 2021

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

The health and safety of the community visiting the tennis facilities we manage and our staff are our number one concern and priority. We have an approved COVID Safety Plan and staff are advised not to come to work if they have any symptoms of a respiratory illness. We implemented many additional cleaning practises and procedures to our normal operations and are following them diligently.

Please follow the NSW Office of Sport 'Turn up, Play and Leave' directive, as COVID is still active in the community.

All players and spectators are excluded from City Community Tennis facilities, must self-isolate and get tested for COVID if they have:

  • returned from overseas in the last 14 days
  • attended any reported case locations listed on the NSW Health website
  • a flu, cold or any respiratory symptoms on the day or anytime up to 2 weeks before your booking
  • If you have a COVID-19 test you must stay in isolation until you receive a negative result

Additional information

  • If you visit the pro-shop at Prince Alfred Park you must sign in using the Service NSW App QR Code
  • Players and spectators are to ensure that physical distancing of at least 1.5 metres is maintained between people that do not come from the same household
  • Up to 6 players on court
  • Restrictions on spectators in children's classes have been lifted, but please remain off the court and maintain social distancing from behind the fence
  • Showers and change rooms are available for use during office hours only. We strongly encourage players to change and shower at home
  • The community hall remains closed (no yoga, meditation, table tennis and party bookings at this time)
  • Players must register all playing partner contact details correctly when booking courts and all players must agree to our Player Rules and COVID Safety Guidelines
  • All transactions to be paid by Credit / Debit card. If you must use cash please have the correct change
  • Racquet hire is available from our Pro Shop at Surry Hills. Players hiring a racquet must hand sanitise before staff hand a racquet over

Please stay informed of the latest NSW Health COVID updates. Download the COVID App and activate when at the tennis facilities. If you have questions about COVID please call National Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080.

Player Rules

Singles and Doubles Play COVID Safety Rules

  • Download the COVID App and activate when at the tennis facilities
  • Maximum 2 hour court booking allowed per day per player
  • Players booking a court must record all player contact details at the time of booking for contact tracing purposes
  • Players attending City Community Programs must hand sanitise before entering the court
  • If a player has a flu, cold or any respiratory symptom on the date of their booking or up to 2 weeks before their booking date they are responsible for letting us know and cancelling the booking (we can issue you with a credit)
  • If any player in the booking party shows up with a flu, cold or any respiratory symptom on the date of the booking they are not permitted to play and must be sent home
  • Players must arrive dressed and ready to play
  • Showers and change rooms are available during office hours only. We strongly encourage players to change and shower at home
  • Players to follow the ‘Play and Go’ / ‘Get in, Train, Get Out’ rule by arriving just before the booking and leaving immediately after their booking (no social gathering)
  • Players can only enter the court when their booking commences using PIN code
  • Use a tissue or glove to enter PIN codes on the security gate
  • Enter and leave courts on time and wait for previous players to exit before entering
  • No hand shaking, high fives or physical contact (touch racquets allowed)
  • Players to bring their own hand sanitiser, water and equipment
  • Racquet hire is available from our Pro Shop at Surry Hills (you will need to hand sanitise before we hand you a racquet). Note inexpensive racquets are available to purchase
  • Maximum of 6 players on a court at the same time
  • Keep 1.5 metre physical distance between other players on court
  • Non authorised tennis coaches are not permitted to teach on or book our tennis courts without written consent. (please note: coaches without authorisation are trespassing, relevant authorities will be notified)
  • Wait for permission to enter the pro shop, observe 1.5 metre physical distance and must sign in using the service NSW app

Junior Tennis Programs

Wellbeing of Children and Coaches

If a child or coach has cold or flu-like symptoms, they are not permitted to classes or private lessons, stay home and follow the steps from a doctor and if need be, get tested for COVID 19. If your child becomes unwell please call 0433 899 644 or email the office. Children will need a medical clearance to return to tennis.

Come, Train and Go Home Policy

  • All children must come to tennis classes dressed to train and then head home after the lesson
  • Parents are permitted to stay but they must stay away from the training area or tennis courts and maintain 1.5 metres between other parents


  • All children will need to bring their own racquet each week
  • If a child doesn’t have a racquet, they can purchase one from our pro shop. Please email to organise a suitable racquet
  • Any equipment used by coaches will be disinfected before and after lessons

Hand Sanitiser and Hygiene

  • Children are required to hand sanitise before going on court. Coaches will have hand sanitiser outside the court for the children and parents to use
  • Children are able to use the toilets and will need to be escorted by their parents where appropriate

Entering and Exiting the court on time

  • Children are to wait outside the courts and wait for the coach to invite them on to the court
  • Coaches will finish the class a few minutes before the lesson to allow for picking up balls, etc and to allow for children to exit before the other children enter
  • Parents and Children must maintain social distancing measures of 1.5 metres between each family while waiting to enter the court

Social distancing rules

  • Social distancing rules will be observed by coaches and parents at all times where needed
  • Children will not be able to shake hands or high five at the end of the lesson instead they will be able to wave their hands in the air or do a racquet high five

Zero Tolerance

  • Aggressive and abusive behaviour will not be tolerated. Our coaching team and office staff are here to help not to be hurt