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Eastern Suburbs Tennis Association Competition

Played across Sydney’s eastern suburbs, the Eastern Suburbs Tennis Association Competition (ESTA Comp) is played on Sundays starting from 8:00 am at different ESTA member clubs. While competitive, the competition contains many grades to cater to all playing standards.

Each grade consists of 5 or 6 teams that play 2 singles and 2 doubles sets, with each team playing twice against each other each season in a round robin. The top four teams go through to the semi-finals, followed by finals held at the end of the season. The ESTA Comp is unisex, so teams can be mixed, with both men and women in a single team.

To join a Jensen's Sunday ESTA Comp team, please get in touch. You can also visit and like the Jensen's Sunday ESTA Comp Facebook Page for more information.

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if you don't already have a player rating at City Community Tennis you will need to be graded by one of our experienced staff before you can compete in any of our Competitions. Please note grading sessions are not suitable for beginners.

There are several ways to be graded: