MLC Hot Shots – Surry Hills

MLC Hot Shots

Modified tennis specifically designed for children aged 3 to 10yrsOur kids group classes follow the NSW school terms and Tennis Australia’s program for kids aged 10 and under. Using smaller courts, racquets and low compression balls makes learning tennis easy for new players.

At the heart of MLC Tennis Hot Shots is a fundamental approach to learning. It’s called “learning through play” and it’s based on developing skills in real situations that happen on a tennis court. This program allows children to develop technically and tactically in an environment that’s always fun and exciting.

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It easy to enrol your children into an MLC Hot Shots Class. Either Book Online Now or fill out the online application/enquiry form and one of our coaches will get back to you shortly to enrol your child(ren) in an appropriate class(es).

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Stages of development

Launch Pad stage Ages 3-5

  • Children begin by exploring fundamental and perceptual motor skills and tennis basics.

Red stage Ages 4-8

  • Children use 25 per cent compression red balls that bounce lower, slower and are much easier to hit. Children play on three-metre or six-metre wide courts. Recommended racquet size is 21–23 inches.

Orange stage Ages 8-10

  • Children use 50 per cent compression orange balls and play on regular courts with reduced length. Recommended racquet size is 23–25 inches.

Green stage Ages 9+

  • Children play on a full-size court using 75 per cent compression green balls. Recommended racquet size is 25–27 inches.

Children will

  • have lots of fun and stay healthy
  • meet friends and build social skills
  • play with smaller equipment designed especially for kids
  • develop skills and tactical awareness
  • have the opportunity to play in age appropriate competitions
  • easily progress to full-court tennis