Junior Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

Tennis Terms

Tennis classes run for an entire school term (usually 9-11 weeks).


Early Bird discounts apply to enrolment fees paid prior to the start of term, after which standard fees apply. We request that all fees be paid as early as possible to secure a place for your child.


Confirmation will be required if you wish your child to continue with the next terms of tennis classes and we’ll contact you via email around Term 6. Priority enrolment is given to children already enrolled in classes up until week 10, at which point we open classes to the public for new enrolments.

How We Contact You

To confirm your child’s enrolment in the next tennis term, our staff will contact you directly by email (we won’t call you). Please follow the enrolment instructions sent in this email. If you need assistance call our office on 9698 9451.

What to Bring

  • Comfortable sport clothes and shoes
  • Drink bottle
  • Hat

Sunscreen should be applied before class commences and is recommended in summer.

How Do Students Progress?

Students start in the Foundation level of each stage. To progress to the next level within a stage, or to a new stage, students:

  • tennis skills and capabilities are assessed at the end of each term
  • age will be considered (eg. if your child reaches the age of 10 and they’re still in Orange Foundation, they will be moved to Green Foundation)
  • may be advanced by a CCT coach to a more suitable stage/level based on their skill

Please note that not all students progress to the Squad level in a stage. This is for students who are interested in further advancing their skills for competition/tournament tennis.