Here are some ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ and Problems

I can’t access the court using my PIN

  • Check that you are entering the PIN at the correct time. The PIN does not activate until 10 minutes before a booking commences and expires 15 minutes after your booking time.  If you still have trouble give us a call on 9698 9451

The lights have gone out during my booking 

  • You must enter your PIN to activate the lights and to keep them on during your booking. The lights will deactivate if a PIN has not been entered into the keypad during your booking period. This may happen if the gate has been left open or another player has opened the gate for you.
  • To reactivate the lights re-enter your PIN in the keypad. The system takes into account a 10 minute cool down period for the lights before they come on again. Expect a 10-15 minute wait.

Where is the Head Office & Pro Shop?

  • Prince Alfred Park in Surry Hills

Is there Parking?

  • No.  There is no driving inside any of the parks and there is street parking only at all of the centres.

Do I need to become a Member?

  • No. The tennis facilities are open to the public to book but  becoming a Member will give you discounted fees.

What if I don’t have a Credit Card?

  • EFTPOS & Cash transactions can be made at our Head Office
  • Make an advance purchase of a lump sum ‘credit’ on your player account and top it up when you need to!

Is making an online booking safe?

  • Yes. Your Credit Card details are NOT stored. The INTRAC booking and payment management system is a gateway system using 128bit secure sockets layer technology.
  • CLICK HERE for more information

What if it Rains?

  • If the courts become unplayable due to wet weather your booking is cancelled and a player credit is generated and stored in your player account for the amount of the booking. This can then be used for future court hire, group classes, social tennis etc.

How do I cancel my booking?

  • You can cancel your bookings online by logging into your player account with your first name and email address. When a booking is cancelled for court hire, group classes and social tennis you will receive a credit onto your player account profile to use again. Please note there is a minimum cancellation period for bookings: court hire (6hrs), group classes (24hrs), social tennis (6hrs).  If you have trouble cancelling online give us a call.

How long do Credits last?

  • 12 months from date of issue

Can I use my credits to purchase a Racquet?

  • Yes! Player Credits can be used towards, court hire, lessons, pro-shop items & kiosk items i.e. any service that CCT provides.

Can I get a refund to my credit card?

  • No. We can only issue a credit to your player account.

How do I access my credit?

  • When a player makes another booking your Credits will appear in the Checkout Page

I’m moving and I still have Credits on my player account. Can I have a refund?

  • No. Players who are not returning to play at CCT can transfer their remaining credits to a friend or work colleague. The onus is on the player to use your credits. Credits are non refundable.

I don’t own a Racquet?

  • Tennis racquets are available to purchase or hire from the Pro-Shop at Prince Alfred Park, Surry Hills.

I don’t have tennis balls?

  • New & used tennis balls are available to purchase from the Pro-Shop at Prince Alfred Park, Surry Hills. Used balls are best for beginner and novice players and start at .20c per ball.

I don’t have tennis shoes?

  • We can order Tennis shoes (Lotto, Wilson & Babolat) for purchase from the Pro-Shop in Surry Hills. Sizes are limited please call the office on 9698-9451 to order and/or come in

Why do I need to wear proper tennis shoes?

  • Tennis Shoes are designed to be non-marking regardless of the colour of the sole and provide the necessary support and comfort you need.
  • Whilecross trainers and runners may seem the most logical choice for everyday recreational use (taking a stroll, jogging or going to the gym) they are NOT good for  a tennis court for many reasons: they lack the necessary lateral support (quick successions of stopping & starting, moving side to side forwards and backwards) that is placed on the body during general play.  Many cross trainers/runners have soles that are mostly contain black carbon which is the cause of unsightly scuffs marks over the tennis courts.
  • Please respect the shoe policy that is in place at Prince Alfred Park and wear only non marking soles to ensure the courts remain relatively free from unsightly scuff marks.