Here you will find some of our most ‘Frequently Asked Questions’

Where is the Head Office & Pro Shop?

  • Prince Alfred Park, Surry Hills.

Is there Parking?

  • No. All 5 facilities have street parking only.

Do I need to become a Member?

  • No. The tennis facilities are open to the public, becoming a Member provides further discounts on court hire, tuition, social tennis & competitions.

What if I don’t have a Credit Card?

  • EFTPOS & Cash transactions can be made at our Head Office.
  • For convenience the INTRAC Tennis Management System allows credits to be created under a player profile, so players can book online without the use of a credit card – top up when you need to!

Is making an online booking safe?

  • Yes. Credit Card details are not stored on our system. The INTRAC system uses 128bit secure sockets layer technology.
  • CLICK HERE for more information

I’ve paid for a booking and it’s started to rain?

  • If the courts become unplayable due to wet weather your booking is cancelled and a player credit is generated for the amount of the booking. This could be for court hire, group classes, social tennis etc.

I’ve paid for a booking and I want to cancel it?

  • For convenience bookings can be cancelled online. When a booking is cancelled for court hire, group classes and social tennis a credit is created in your player profile to use again. Please note there is a minimum cancellation period for bookings: court hire (6hrs), group classes (24hrs), social tennis (6hrs)

How long do Credits last?

  • 12 months from time of issue.

Can I use my credits to purchase a Racquet?

  • Yes! Player Credits can be used towards, court hire, lessons, pro-shop items & kiosk items i.e. any service that CCT provides.

I’ve paid for a booking can I have a Refund?

  • No. Only credits are issued to be used again.

How do I access my credit?

  • When a player to makes another booking Credits will appear in the Checkout Page.

I’m moving and won’t be back to play at CCT and I still have Credits on my player account. Can I have a refund?

  • Players who are not returning to play at CCT can issue remaining credits to a friend or work colleague. The onus is on the player to use all remaining credits. Credits are non refundable.

I don’t own a Racquet?

  • Tennis racquets are available to purchase or hire from the Pro-Shop at Prince Alfred Park, Surry Hills.

I don’t have tennis balls?

  • New & used tennis balls are available to purchase from the Pro-Shop at Prince Alfred Park, Surry Hills. Used balls are best for beginner and novice players and start at .20c per ball.

I don’t have tennis shoes?

  • Tennis shoes (Lotto, Wilson & Babolat) are available to purchase from the Pro-Shop in Surry Hills. Sizes are limited please call the office on 9698-9451

Why do I need to wear proper tennis shoes?

  • All modern ‘Hard Court Tennis Shoes’ are designed to be non-marking regardless of the colour of the sole and provide the necessary support and comfort you need.
  • Over the past 20 years we have seen a gradual movement away from purpose specific shoes to all purpose shoes aka ‘cross trainers/runners’. Now cross trainers and runners may seem the most logical choice for everyday recreational use (taking a stroll, jogging or going to the gym) but on a tennis court they lack the necessary lateral support (quick successions of stopping & starting, moving side to side forwards and backwards) that is placed on the body during general play . One other aspect of cross trainers/runners is their soles are mostly contain black carbon which is the cause of unsightly scuffs marks over the tennis courts.
  • The management at Jensen’s kindly ask all players to respect the shoe policy that is in place at Prince Alfred Park – Only non marking soles permitted on courts to ensure the courts remain relatively free from unsightly scuff marks.
  • Shoes can be purchased from the Pro-Shop in Surry Hills.
  • The Management and Staff Thank You for your cooperation.

I can’t access the court using my PIN

  • Check that you are entering the PIN at the correct time. The PIN does not activate until 10 minutes before a booking commences.
  • Call the office on 9698-9451

The lights have gone out during my booking period?

  • The lights will deactivate if a PIN has not been entered into the keypad. This may happen if the gate has been left open or another player has opened the gate for you.
  • To reactivate the lights re-enter your PIN in the keypad. The system takes into account a 10 minute cool down period for the lights before they come on again. Expect a 10-15 minute wait.